Movie Short Review: ‘Two Balloons’

Greetings again from the darkness. Stop-motion animation is always fascinating to me, and when it’s done very well, it can be downright mesmerizing. And that’s what we have here thanks to the Director Mark C Smith.

Two lemurs are navigating their dirigibles across the beautiful sky to meet up at a particular spot previously agreed upon. A messenger bird helps out so much along the way, one might call it a love bird. Their plan is disrupted by an ominous storm, but whether in the sky or at sea, love finds a way.

The film contains no dialogue, no narration, and there is no storyboard giving you background or detail. Just beautiful animation and lovely accompanying music. Maps, ropes, and scopes are all provided in such detail, and the long tails of the lemurs are constant and fluid in motion.

It’s a dream-like 8 minutes that could be a wonderful bedtime story or video, regardless of one’s age.

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