Movie Short Review: ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’

Review by Lavanya

This short film is a classic example of something that delivers its message accurately within an extremely short duration. We meet the actors for a very short while, yet understand their underlying motive in a perfect way. Each of the actors have done a brilliant job, doing absolute justice to their characters. We meet a husband who is tempted to do forbidden actions, a wife who is equally determined to answer back with undesirable reactions and the husband’s demanding old father who doubts that these people will not take care of him just the way he wants it. When the husband ends up eating some forbidden fruits of plums from the refrigerator, what follows is endless back and forth of notes between the couple. Slowly and steadily, as they perform unacceptable actions out of revenge and jealously, the story builds up to a totally unexpected climax.

Though designed as a short film, the story is totally relatable from start to end. It manages to form an instant connection with the viewers, showing the usual back and forth of conflicting thoughts between a couple and growing insecurity of old people who seem to trust no one around them.

A fun-filled comic entertainer that gains strength from the first minute till the end, ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is about the love-hate relationship with our own people in everyday life whom we end up taking for granted. Sorry, Not Sorry was directed by female director Monique Sorgen and it will be screening at Cleveland International Film Festival and Florida Film Festival.

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