Movie Short Review: ‘Scratch’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. It’s late night as we open on what appears to be the only occupied booth in a local diner. We (the camera) sit across the table from a large, bespectacled man … a bit sweaty … as he speaks directly to us/the other man (a face we never see). Self-loathing and self-pity are the tone as the man (played by Mark Delabarre) claims prostitutes are his only outlet since he has “a poor man’s Picasso face” and only one feature he’s quite proud of.

A newspaper on the table, a mysterious figure at the bar, tonight’s “date” at the window, a couple of city police officers, and a glimpse at two hands we immediately tie to the newspaper headlines, all play a part in this chilling 10 minute short – as do the diner’s lone waitress and the “Fallen Angel” nightclub across the street. This little gem is from filmmaker Ronan Jorah, who wrote and directed the film, and also plays a key role. It should also be noted that the visual style of the film is top notch, and it would be a nice compliment to many horror films … further proof of my long-time wish that short films be partnered with features on streaming sites.

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