Movie Short Review: ‘Saved Rounds’

Greetings again from the darkness. PTSD plays a factor in many films about military veterans, but this story revolves around ‘Survivor’s Guilt’. It’s particular and personal to Doc Farrow, who stars in the film and co-wrote the story with Deborah Leonhardt, who also co-stars. This 17 minute short film is based on Doc Farrow’s own life and is directed by long-time character actor John Finn, who you likely know from the long-running TV series, “Cold Case”.

Farrow (“Young Sheldon”) stars as Doc, an alcoholic veteran on a road trip with his supportive partner Laurie (Ms. Leonhardt). Doc sees visions of the individual Marines who served under him in Iraq. One of these is Rod (Hector Salas), who Doc not only sees, but also hears his running commentary. We soon realize that Doc is headed to visit with Rod’s parents – a visit that doesn’t go as he’d hoped.

Doc’s guilt is simultaneously understandable and unfathomable to us. He admits his job was to keep his men alive, but dealing with that failure is more than any man can shoulder. Laurie helps as best she can, as her background gives her a distinct perspective that allows her to deal with Doc. The emotions of the situation go beyond the warfare depicted in movies that focus on battle. But the battle doesn’t end when the war ends.

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