Movie Short Review: ‘S.A.M.’

Greetings again from the darkness. This 15 minute short film comes from co-directors Lloyd Eyre-Morgan and Neil Ely, and it’s one of the sweetest movies you’ll ever see that utilizes the f-word, often multiple times, in most every scene.

Two high school boys each have a bit of trouble connecting with others. They both happen to be named Sam, and they are outcasts in different ways. One Sam comes from the poverty-stricken side of town, and has the type of mother who forgets his birthday. The other Sam uses Makaton signing in addition to spoken language to communicate. His dad is overprotective, and this Sam dreams of attending Dance college.

The two Sams meet on the swing set and immediately strike up a friendship, based on little more than actually listening to the other. Two songs from Ali Ingle are included, and New Years’ Eve provides a first for the Sams. The film stars David Tag, Sam Retford, Sarah Byrne, and George Webster.

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