Movie Short Review: ‘NEFTA Football Club’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. Two men are hanging out in the desert anxiously awaiting the arrival of a donkey with headphones. The donkey is found, but not by the men. Instead two young boys accidentally discover the animal on the Algerian border, as well as the dozen or so bags of white powder being carried in the satchels on the donkey’s back.

Minutes earlier the two boys were arguing about who is the best professional futbol player, and now the younger boy is convinced the substance is laundry detergent and that they will get punished for stealing it. The older boy has more ambitious ideas.

Writer-director Yves Piat delivers a 17 minute comedy-drama that reminds us sometimes ‘ignorance is bliss’, and also provides two key life lessons: always communicate with your partner, and never mix up Adele music with Hadel. This France/Tunisia production leaves us with a nice laugh.

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