Movie Short Review: ‘Here & Beyond’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. The idea of time travel is fascinating … just ask Bill and Ted, who, by the way, recently announced their upcoming new adventure. In contrast, the reality of dementia is beyond cruel. Slowly losing the memories of a life well led is torturous for that person and their loved ones. Writer-director Colin West and co-writer Corey Aumiller previously collaborated on the short film THEN CAME THE RAIN (2106), and this time out, manage to blend time travel with grief and the fear of losing memories.

‘Feeling Confused? Your mind is deteriorating.’ So reads a sign that Mac (Greg Lucey) posts on his wall in place of a certificate he and his wife earned for their TV show. Think “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, as Mac and Ruth’s show was designed to teach science to kids. We know this because Mac defies doctor’s orders and watches old recordings of their show. Ruth (Christine Kellogg-Darrin) recently passed away and Mac’s recent diagnosis has added burden and dread to his already overwhelming grief.

When Tess (Laurel Porter), a loner in the neighborhood, brings her teenage angst, energy and curiosity into Mac’s garage, she discovers “Ruth’s secret project”. It’s a coffin-shaped instrument wrapped in plastic. Mac admits it was Ruth’s dream to create a time machine. Tess uses the machine as a way to bring meaning to her frustrating life, while also bringing Mac some relief. The three principal actors do a nice job, although the doctor’s dialogue delivery is quite distracting and unrealistic. This 16 minute movie tells us that time always runs forward, never back … and then asks if we are sure about that.

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