Movie Short Review: ‘Favourites’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. With his fifth short film, writer-director Martin Monk shows us the unique way in which two human beings, once strangers to each other, can connect in way that has a substantial emotional impact.

Sofia (Lia Wilfing) is first seen in tattered clothes and with a backpack as she is hitchhiking – trying to catch a ride in some general direction. Her friendly manner seems forced even though her smile is luminous. We know instinctively that something isn’t quite right with her.

Sharing that instinct is Michael (Christian Dolezal), a man she approaches at a gas station. He reluctantly agrees to give her a lift, and Michael also admits he prefers being alone. Where she is a bundle of talkative energy, he is alone with his thoughts. It is soon discovered that she is an underage runaway, and she admits to bolting from home after a fight with her mother. Sofia is now on her way to locate a father she’s never known – one who supposedly lives somewhere in Verona.

This isn’t a warm fuzzy bonding, but rather one of two human beings having empathy for each other. It’s very well acted and expertly filmed, and at 18 minutes in German with subtitles, will likely make you consider your quick judgments of others.

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