Movie Short Review: ‘Dolapo Is Fine’

Greetings again from the darkness. How much of one’s self should be sacrificed or compromised to chase dreams? Dolapo is a Nigerian native attending a posh boarding school in the UK. She wants to pursue a “good” position in Finance at a top-notch firm in the city. Since she knows little of that world, she meets with a mentor for guidance.

Daisy (Joan Iyiola, also the film’s co-writer) is a hardcore mentor. She advises Dolapo (Doyin Ajiboye) to change her afro hairstyle, improve her clothes, rehearse better interview answers, and even change her name. Daisy calls this “assimilation” and positions these changes as matter-of-fact necessities. Dolapo is frustrated, yet puts forth the effort.

Director Ethosheeia Hylton and co-writers Joan Iyiola and Chibundu Onuzo serve up a 15 minute short film that touches on stereotypes and identity, as well as ‘no-harm-meant’ racism by even the closest of friends. How do we hold on to who we are at a time when the world is telling us we need to “fit in”? The film is well made and Ms. Ajiboye delivers a nice performance in this film sure to spur conversation and debate.

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