Movie Short Review: ‘Cat Days’

Greetings again from the darkness. “Don’t worry, Jiro. You’re probably not a cat.” The best movie line of the year so far comes courtesy of this animated short film from German-American filmmaker Jon Frickey. The story was inspired by his trip to Japan, and it seems the perfect fit for today’s era where personal identity is a discussion point and such decisions are made according to feeling.

Jiro is a young boy. His sneezes result in a doctor visit where his dad is told of the diagnosis: Cat Flu. Of course the dad is baffled by this, yet quite supportive of his son … going so far to read the book “Raising Cats”.

Mr. Frickey presents the story utilizing an unusual color palette, and it’s kind of difficult to not assume he’s poking a bit of fun at the medical community as well as addressing how adults can turn the simplicity of being a child into a life-changing ordeal. It’s the kids, including Jiro’s friend, who seem more reasonable. It’s easy to see why this one is being well-received at film festivals.

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