Movie Short Review: ‘A Line Birds Cannot See’

Review by Lavanya

An honest, inspiring, disturbing and real-life tale of a DACA child’s experience across the border, ‘A Line Birds Cannot see’ strives to show what we fail to realize. With simple animation and emotional connection, it makes an attempt to paint the reality faced by several young immigrant children across the border. When separated by her mother and kidnapped by smugglers several miles away from home, a young 12-year old girl faces several hardships. Though she sees no ray of hope in a deserted place, she is determined to keep herself alive. Her strong will power to keep going even amidst the most uncertain situations stands for hope. Filmmaker Amy Belch makes attempts to present her tale in a simple and honest manner. Her use of animation helps to weave the tale and present the reality of what we barely realize. What happens when the determination fades away and there is no hope in sight? Stories like these have the power to show the significance of will power. It is certainly not easy but definitely not difficult to find hope in uncertainty. Directed by Amy Bench.

‘A Line Birds Cannot See’ stands for the perfect title. The border means nothing to birds, land, wind, and the Mother Nature but means so much to us as humans.

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