Movie Short Review: ’40 Minutes Over Maui’

Greetings again from the darkness. Would you rather have a few minutes warning for the impending end of the world, or remain blissfully unaware of doomsday? Penny and Larry are a married couple on vacation in Hawaii. As they argue about the best timing to hit the hotel’s breakfast buffet, an Emergency text comes across alerting them to a crisis: “A ballistic missile is inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” Stuff just got real.

Co-directors Michael Feld and Josh Cavitt co-wrote the script with Steven Feld, and it’s a quite comical look at a very human reaction to the most stressful moment any of us can imagine. Julie Brister and Johnny Ray Meeks are terrific as the married couple, and we find their regrets and confessions quite charming … including a few shots at Toblerone bars.

This is based on an actual event from January 13, 2018, and although the comedy during this 13 minute short film is top notch, it also reveals the oddity of human nature. We are reminded that Armageddon is not just a movie, but also a topic and threat that is always around. How we deal is up to us. Or we could hit the buffet.

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