Movie Review: ‘Wade In The Water’

Review By: Wesley Collins

I’d like to begin my review of Wade in the Water by saying it is a phenomenal film. Extremely simple and direct in its intentions but the acting, feelings and sentiment created by this film is amazing. The title is extremely accurate and appropriate for the temperament and plot of the story. Wade in the Water follows a heavyset gentleman who’s very much dethatched from much of the world around him. He attempts to stay to himself and live a normal life but his tormented past causes him to lash out every so often. He isn’t able to maintain personal relationships, which cause him to seek help through therapy. The main character whose name we can only assume is Wade as he never states it, mirrors many middle aged individuals in America currently who find extreme difficulty connecting with the outside world.

The main character receives a DVD in the mail that after watching, he believes it had to have been a mistake. For him there is no way this DVD was sent to him intentionally. Upon watching the DVD, he becomes disgusted with its content as it reminds him of his childhood and obstacles he had to live through and is still dealing with. He eventually is led on a relatively destructive path that leads him to commit a sin he can not live with, all while meeting a woman under the strangest circumstances who he soon has interest in romantically. Wade in the Water covers a plethora of topics as well as the unlikely pairing of the main character and a woman who create the wildest of relationships.

Wade in the Water is a film that all who watches will enjoy in my estimation. I don’t believe it’s lacking anything. There is comedy, suspense, drama and ultimately resolution. I loved this movie the first time I watched it. I know others will feel the same after they’ve seen it as well.

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