Movie Review: ‘The Jack In The Box’

Review by Lisa Payne

People never, ever learn!

Two things I don’t f with – clowns and jack-in-the-boxes. They are creepy as hell.

When you find something buried in the ground, there’s usually a reason. Respect the lore. Curiosity does indeed kill the cat plus its mates. Norman (Philip Ridout) finds something buried, and shows it to his wife. Omg, what can it be? Nothing good, that’s for sure. You don’t show these things to people you love.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Casey (Ethan Taylor) who just happened to be a curator of vintage items in his old life, comes to live at Lisa’s (Lucy-Jane Quinlan) house full of curios. He and Lisa bond over cataloging the items. Amongst the items is, you guessed it.

“What is it? How do we open it?”

The Jack In the Box appears to open itself with very little preamble.

So cue the explanations of mysterious legends and jack in the boxes being built in France to house darker demons having to do with the dark arts, blah, blah, blah.

People start to disappear without a trace. Casey takes 1 and 1 and comes up with 350, eventually. “We can’t just let our imaginations run away with us.” Umm, why not.

Lightbulb moment, it’s the Jack In The Box.

We must find a way to destroy the box. And the non-believers still non-believe…until there were none.

At least it had the courage of its convictions. I am hoping this does not mean The Jack In The Box 2 is on its way.

THE JACK IN THE BOX Arrives On VOD And Digital HD On Leading Digital Platforms And DVD On May 5.

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