Movie Review: ‘The Goodbye Cafe’ Is The Next Fun Hudson Sisters Novel

The Hudson sisters are back for book number three in the series. This time they are all living together in Hidden Falls. Per their father’s will they must live in the same house and renovate and open the Sugarhouse Movie Theater before they can collect their inheritance. Allie has had to move from LA with her daughter Nikki (who’s enjoying her time there). Des and the new sister Cara they never knew about. They’re getting along and work on the theater is going great.

Then they’re thrown a curve ball when their Aunt Barney, who they also live with, has decided to buy the Goodbye Cafe and the women are going to have to help out. Soon they are all working hard on the theater, at the restaurant and living their own lives. Allie suddenly finds herself in a potential new relationship with Ben (the sheriff). Nikki has a boyfriend and new friends and doesn’t want to return to LA. She finds our her dad is involved with her best friends Mom. And old family secrets come to life in this small town that bring about a shocking reveal.

This is my first time reading one of the Hudson Sisters books and I really enjoyed it. It’s a story about family, love, new beginnings and no matter what issues there may be between any of them, they have each others backs. Throw in some fun twists and turns and you have a great story.

You can pick up The Goodbye Cafe in stores on Tuesday, March 26th from Gallery.

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