Movie Review: ‘The Dirty Kind’

Review By: Wesley Collins

The older I become the more I realize how much I love an unplanned day. One of those average days: where anything is possible because you’re apart of or into many different things. There’s almost nothing like it. That’s what the film The Dirty Kind reminded me of. While all the characters in the film directly affect what occurs, none of them are able to predict the outcomes of their actions. The Dirty Kind is fast moving film with high intensity and many twists.

The interaction between males and females has always been intriguing to me. That intrigue becomes heightened when there are romantic feelings involved, marriage or children. The Dirty Kind is centered on interpersonal relationships between more than 6 individuals, who unbeknownst to themselves have set in motion a series of events none of them can foresee. The pace of the film is quick and the storyline is extremely linear. There aren’t any wasted scenes or moments. Everything counted and that’s what most impressed me about The Dirty Kind.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Dirty Kind. It’s a very simple film with high impact and high energy. It’s also a plot that anyone can find interest in as what the characters in the film go through, many of us deal with those same issues each day we live.

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