Movie Review: ‘The Devil’s Doorway’

by | Jul 22, 2018 | Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Father Thomas Riley (Lalor Roddy) and Father John Thornton (Ciaran Flynn) are sent from the Vatican to investigate a miracle of a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary. In 1960’s Northern Ireland, they are sent to a sort of asylum meant for wayward women. As Father Thomas investigates, Father John records and the more they find out, the worse it gets. The women are being tortured and Father John keeps hearing the sounds of children that aren’t there. Father Thomas and Father John realize the women are being punished and are not being treated humanely. Father Thomas tells Father John that the only thing happening is that Mother Superior (Helena Bereen) is treating the women horribly. Then, Father Thomas and John discover that a pregnant girl, Kathleen O’Brien (Lauren Coe), is being held captive in the basement.

Mother Superior tries to warn Father Thomas and John that she is possessed. They try to save Kathleen and her unborn baby, but the more they delve into what’s wrong in the asylum, the worse it gets. Can they save everyone or is it Father Thomas and John that need saving?

This film is shot found footage-style and the plot is good. The problem is that you don’t always know why something is happening. You kind of have to piece some of it together. You still understand the gist of the story, though. It has jump scares and people that aren’t really there. It is an exorcist-style movie that never gets to follow through on the exorcism. It’s pretty decent, even without knowing every detail. There is a small surprise twist and the movie is a decent watch if you can sit through “found footage”.