Movie Review: ‘The Changeover’

Review by Wesley Collins

As an avid film lover I’m always excited when watching a film that surprises me in ways I hadn’t expected. The Changeover absolutely did that! The film starts out seemingly slow with no direction as far as plot but each moment helps facilitate the ending. For many others, and myself that is what creates and makes a great film. When every moment elevates the next and magnifies the decisions characters are making, the film is a great success. The Changeover is a story of faith, magic, sorrow and growth. Main character Laura Chant is a unique teenage girl with special gifts that those around her, including her mother believe is unreal and making Laura insane. Unfortunately for Laura, she is not insane. She is not crazy. Laura has seemingly inherited something of the supernatural ilk from her father and after an unwanted encounter with a stranger, she must use her ability to save her younger brothers soul.

As we go through our lives, the lines between faith, spirit, science and magic begin to blur. Not because we can’t make distinctions, but due to us truly realizing that they all overlap on some level. Laura makes a wonderful statement in this film. She says, “you’ll never find magic if you don’t look for it”. That line stuck with me. It entails much about life as a whole. We can’t find what we aren’t seeking, or what we don’t know exists. To find magic one must know magic. The Changeover is a film for all ages. It teaches us to dream and never stop dreaming. It also shows how families and friends can either aid or hinder or progress as people. I watched this movie twice over a three-day period. I loved it! It’s a story that begins and just keeps going with no stoppages while all characters involved move toward their individual fates. I’m looking forward to the release of The Changeover, as I cannot wait to read what others think about the film. If only I had more hands, I’d give The Changeover as many thumbs up as I can! Wonderful movie.

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