Movie Review: ‘The Basement’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Craig Owen (Cayleb Long) goes to a liquor store at the request of his wife, Kelly (Mischa Barton). After chatting up the cashier, Lauren (Tracie Thoms), Craig goes outside to smoke and answer his phone. When he finally decides to leave, he gets kidnapped by Bill Anderson (Jackson Davis). Craig is stuck in Bill’s basement tied up to a chair, while Bill comes down dressed as clown. Craig wonders what’s going on and why he has been kidnapped. After being tortured for a number of hours and seeing Bill come into the basement in different outfits and as different “people”, Craig plays along. He tries to argue with each person or accept blame or reach them or tell them what they want to hear. Every once in a while, Craig tries to reach Bill, but it ends up doing more damage than helping. Craig gives it his all, but will that be enough to escape Bill, his other personas and his basement?

The plot is decent enough, but some of the actors aren’t trying very hard and it’s a bit noticeable. You’ll also already know what the plot twist is, but it’s still an okay horror film to watch. Most horror films are bad or cheesy. This film is still pretty decent to be on the lower budget side. It still has the gore, the screams and wondering if Craig will escape or not. For that, it’s still worth a watch. It’s just not something you should expect too much out of.

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