Movie Review: ‘Surviving Confession’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Father Morris (Clayton Nemrow) is dealing with confessions, like he always does, but this time seems particularly hard as he hits his breaking point dealing with everyone’s problems including his own. A random teenager named Amber (Jessica Lynn Parsons) causes trouble and stays at the church all day, so Father Morris wonders why she just won’t leave. He also deals with Charlotte (Sarah Schreiber), who won’t admit who she’s cheating with. Father Morris has to deal with a husband and his wife Mary (Jayne Marin), who Father Morris is secretly in love with. On top of that, Father Morris has to deal with another Father and himself questioning their faiths and if it was worth it to become priests.

This film has good acting and an okay plot. It starts off as a comedy and drama and when it gets to the end, it goes strong into the drama part. It feels like the only reason Father Morris can’t deal with people’s problems this time is because of the annoying teenager on top of ungrateful people who don’t plan on changing their behaviors, but still want to be forgiven. The plot is good for most of the progression of the movie, but it felt overdramatic in the end. It’s not a film with a strong story that will immerse you from beginning to end, but it does have parts that’ll keep you interested enough.

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