Movie Review: ‘Superfly’ Blu-ray

Review by Monique Thompson

Career criminal Youngblood Priest wants out of the Atlanta drug scene, but as he ramps up sales, one little slip up threatens to bring the whole operation down before he can make his exit.

Not that a remake of the 1970s Gordon Parks Jr., film of the same name was necessary, but this modernized visualization of the classic SuperFly is quite decent and entertaining. Actor and singer Trevor Jackson transforms into the lead character, Youngblood Priest, a smooth drug dealer in Atlanta. Also known for finessing the women, Priest is determined to retire from the ruthless drug world but his exit won’t be as smooth as the processed mane on his head.

Trevor Jackson nails the role of Priest perfectly! Previously known as a Disney Channel kid, there’s no doubt this role shows just how much Jackson has grown. This siring star is smooth, witty, confident, respected, smart, and handsome: exactly what Youngblood Priest is supposed to be. Jason Mitchell also shies as Eddie, Priest’s righthand man.

SuperFly is without a doubt a fun film to indulge in. But Director X does find a way to incorporate a few modern-day issues into the storyline (police brutality and corruption) to bring a bit of reality to the big screen. Still, SuperFly is surely appealing and is more solid than expected.

STARRING: Trevor Jackson, Lex Scott Davis, Jason Mitchell, Michael K. Williams, Andrea Londo, Allen Maldonado

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