Movie Review: ‘Strike’

Review by Lisa Payne

Mungo is a mole in this animated family film. Mungo wants to be a football (soccer) player and play for the English national team at the Wild Cup in Russia. However, he is expected to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, etc., and begin working at the mine.

Mungo’s friend, Maggie, an under-appreciated genius, modifies some goggles which gives Mungo 20/20 vision. Geddit? Mungo is then able to fulfil his dream because of course he does. It’s a kids’ movie.

There is a bad guy called The Boss, along with his henchpeople who wants the mine from Mungo’s father. This provides the tension point in the film.

Strike could have been excellent. However, it’s just good. There are some lovely touches of detail, but the script plods from a to b to c… I don’t think every child’s movie needs to appeal to adults, but as we are taking the little ones, it would be nice if there was anything.

The animation is not in the Aardman or Pixar leagues, but then little is. Mungo and the cast are cute fuzzies with limited facial expressions.

It’s an option to pass 1 ½ hours if nothing else is on.

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