Movie Review: ‘Snake Outta Compton’

Review by Smee

Just in time for Halloween comes the next in a long line of monster movies from Syfy. Touted as “the true story of the world’s most dangerous spoof” comes “Snake Outta Compton”, and it is just as ridiculously spectacular as it sounds.

The film starts out with a giant serpent falling from a plane over Los Angeles, and yes – we do get a voiceover reminiscent of Samuel L. and his rant about snakes on his plane. It falls in front of the home of Vurkel (Donte Essien), a herpetology fan who immediately spots eggs in the carcass and decides to raise one as a pet. As he is going into the house, he runs into Neon (Aurelia Michael), the girl of his dreams. He thinks she is waving and flirting with him, but in reality it is Vurkel’s housemate Pinball (Motow Maurice), an up-and-coming rapper. He and Neon are going to throw a big house party to celebrate their group getting an audition with a local large record producer and Vurkel is not invited. He decides to go into this bedroom and use a homemade enlarger ray to make the snake grow, and eventually use it on himself in an effort to make him more appealing to the ladies. Unfortunately, it combined with mystery chemicals in Vurkel’s bedroom lab makes the snake not only larger, but extra aggressive and hungry for blood. Vurkel has an antidote that will cure the snake but has also been stricken by the chemicals and it is causing him to turn into a monster himself. He now has to make a choice – does he cure himself or the snake? The answer isn’t as simple as you would think. Throughout the film Pinball, Neon, and their friend Cam (Ricky Flowers Jr) are attempting to catch the monstrous serpent and save their housemate, all while being pursued by crooked cops (spoofing “Training Day”, and it’s brilliant) who are determined to jail Cam.

This is certainly not a film that is going to win any Oscars, but if you’re looking for a fun film destined to be a cult classic, “Snake Outta Compton” is perfect. Some of the effects are a little cheesy, as is the dialog, but it adds to the charm of the film. Written and directed by Hank Braxtan, “Snake Outta Compton” will be unleased on America on 23 October.

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