Movie Review: ‘Second Act’

Review by Monique Thompson


Value Shop assistant manager Maya Vargas wants only one thing for her 43rd birthday — a promotion. While her résumé may not scream upper management, her track record certainly does. Vargas is an innovator who listens to her customers and delivers results. When she loses the job to a college-educated candidate, Maya sets out to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as book smarts — and it’s never too late for a second act.

Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Leah Remini star in what some are calling the rom-com of the season. While I won’t necessarily call this a romantic movie, many women will definitely relate to the struggles of Maya Vargas.

While working as an assistant manager in retail, Maya is anxious to get the promotion she undoubtedly deserves. However, since she doesn’t boast a powerful resume or degree to backup her on-the-job skills, Maya loses the promotion to a much more inexperienced but college-educated male candidate. Maya’s bestfriend Joan enlists help of her own to get her bestfriend a position she deserves. Thanks to a fake resume, Maya lands her dream job at a major corporation and even uncovers a startling discovery in her personal life with a fellow co-worker. (Will not spill those details)

Second Act is not only funny but really highlights on the struggle that many people experience who are lacking college degrees. The world of corporate America does make things challenging for women but Maya is destined to prove she has what it takes despite not having her college degree. Now is the film promoting fabricating and lying to get what you want….certainly not. Realistically speaking, that should never be considered OK but I think it does go to show that not having a degree doesn’t make you any less capable than a person that does.

Enough of that seriousness and on to the funny. Leah Remini as Joan shines every time she opens her mouth. Her spunk and straight-forward attitude makes her character a true standout. The chemistry between Joan and Maya is very natural and balanced. Also starring Milo Ventimiglia, Fredidie Sroma, Alan Aisenberg, and Charlyne Yi, the entire cast is very funny in each of their roles and makes Second Act an all around cute film for the ladies to enjoy.

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