Movie Review: ‘Rust Creek’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Sawyer (Hermione Corfield) was supposed to leave college and go visit her family for Thanksgiving. When she receives a call about a job interview, she decides to go drive out to Washington D.C. instead of going to visit her family. Sawyer’s GPS on her phone starts giving her problems and she drives up to a bridge. Hollister (Micah Hauptman) and Buck (Daniel R. Hill) are across the bridge and believe Sawyer saw them doing something she wasn’t supposed to see. When Sawyer pulls her car over to look at a map, she believes Hollister and Buck are trying to help her from being lost, until they attack her. She fights back, but Buck injures her and she has to run off into the woods.

Hollister and Buck search and believe she won’t make it far with the injury. When Sheriff O’Doyle (Sean O’Bryan) finds Sawyer’s abandoned car on the road, he questions Hollister and Buck about it. They get rid of the car to make it look like the driver ran out of gas and left. They have to find Sawyer and kill her before she can report them. Lost, cold, tired and injured, Sawyer runs into a hunter and passes out. The hunter Lowell (Jay Paulson) saves Sawyer, but she goes in and out of consciousness and attacks him when she believes she’s still in danger.

She finally realizes he’s trying to help her, but finds out that he works with Hollister and Buck. She wants to run, but he convinces her that he’s not going to harm her. He comes up with a plan to save her after Hollister and Buck have to leave and when she’ll be good enough to walk, when her injury is healed. The plan would’ve worked if Hollister didn’t figure out that Lowell was hiding Sawyer. It doesn’t help that Deputy Katz (Jeremy Glazer) and Commander Slattery (John Marshall Jones) got involved with trying to figure out what happened to Sawyer. Now, Sawyer must fight to stay alive and make it out of Rust Creek.
This film is really good in terms of the plot. It’s straight to the point and uses bonding and trust to get the story across. They don’t need a lot of stuff happening in the film to make it good and/or watchable. Sawyer makes mi

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