Movie Review: ‘Rootwood’

Review by Lisa Payne

Podcasters Will (Tyler Gallant) and Jess (Elissa Dowling), hosts of the Spooky Hour are hired by producer Laura Benott (Felissa Rose) to film a documentary about a wood where people go missing. Sensing fame, they agree and take Erin (Sarah French) with them as a camera person.

Who, after having seen something scary, is terrified, rocking back and forth on the floor, says I’m leaving now, I will get a ride share. In the woods. In the dark. Really, who? Seems like an incredibly dumb idea to me, unless you want to die. But hey, I’ve seen horror movies. And I am a city girl. I don’t do haunted or scary woods, especially ones with a devil legend attached to them.

And on day 6, your phone still works after not being charged for four days. This isn’t 2010, and we aren’t using a BlackBerry anymore. I do miss them. Battery charge lasts forever. I digress.

Why do people just not say no thank you when offered an opportunity to go and film a documentary about a legend in the woods?

Oh, and I want that Karloff, Price, Chaney, Lugosi t-shirt.

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