Movie Review: ‘Room For Rent’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Joyce (Lin Shaye) loses her husband suddenly and unexpectedly. She goes to the bank to get money and finds out that her husband took out loans and there isn’t much money saved. Joyce is expected to pay the loans back, so she decides to rent a room out. She meets a young couple as her first guests and becomes friends with the wife, Sarah (Valeska Miller). Joyce and Sarah talk and bond over how terrible husbands can be. Sarah is writing a book and her husband decides they should leave and stay at a hotel instead. Looking for a new houseguest, Joyce convinces a man she meets in the local library to rent her room instead of the other house he was checking out.

When the man from the library, Bob (Oliver Rayon), stays at Joyce’s home, she comes across as a sweet overbearing mother at first. Joyce stays in touch with Sarah and tells her about the new man in her life. She becomes obsessed with Bob and sees things the way she reads it in her favorite romance novel. She tells people that she sees him as the son she lost, but she also told Sarah that she wanted kids and never had them. As the lies pile up, Joyce has to figure out what to do to keep Bob around.

This film isn’t scary, but it is a thriller. It does come off a little bit cringy because Joyce starts dressing sexy for Bob and he literally doesn’t know her and probably sees her as a grandmother. Lin does bring the crazy and this film has a few twists. You think Joyce is only obsessed because her husband passed and she’s lonely. That’s true, but it’s also more to it than that. The lengths she goes to for the people she cares about are far and she can change moods like nobody’s business. It’s a decent movie if you want to be a little bit creeped out and see Lin do what she does best.

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