Movie Review: ‘Red Rover’

Review by Lisa Payne

This is a story about Damon.

Damon (Kristian Bruun) is a geologist living a very passive life. Damon’s boss walks all over him. He lives in the basement of the house he owns with his ex-girlfriend, Maya (Anna Hopkins), who is in a relationship and lives with Mark (Morgan David Jones).

Damon meets musician Phoebe (Cara Gee) on the beach. She gives him a flyer for the Red Rover contest to go on a one-way mission to Mars.

Damon momentarily considers this, and even builds a mock space capsule. However, he doesn’t put in his application. Phoebe turns up in Damon’s life again when he finds something she lost. They spend some time together, and Damon thinks it’s the start of something new.

When Damon gets a call saying he has passed the first hurdle, he protests that he didn’t apply. Turns out, Phoebe made the entry video, and everyone loves it.

When Damon starts to take control of his life, his outlook and outcome are improved. This is a tale of realizing that when you come close to going as far away as you possibly can with no hope of return, what is most important is right in front of your face.

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