Movie Review: ‘Our House’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Away at school and working on a project, Ethan (Thomas Mann) receives a call from his brother, Matt (Percy Hynes-White), that their parents have been in an accident. Ethan comes home to step up for his family, including his little sister, Becca (Kate Moyer). Ethan decides to keep working on his device that he believes has failed. When Becca starts talking to their parents, who’ve passed, the only explanation is that the device did something much more than it was made for.

Thinking it’s a good idea for them to all be able to see and talk to their parents, and possibly bring them back, Ethan tries to make the device more powerful. It isn’t until Becca mentions ‘Alice’ that the family believes they’ve either brought back other ghosts or it’s possible that they’ve never brought back their parents to begin with. With the help of his girlfriend, Hannah (Nicola Peltz), Ethan and his family have to fight to survive and destroy the device.

This film is a pretty good build-up of a horror story. It starts off happy, then goes from sad to dangerous. It is well-written and the plot builds up nicely. Some people might not like that it doesn’t show anything remotely scary until the end or they might not find it scary at all, but it’s still a good storyline. You’ll be well invested in watching the story unfold. You find out more about ‘Alice’ and every question you might have gets answered without bogging the story down. I recommend this to anyone who wants to see a decent horror film.

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