Movie Review: ‘Looks That Kill’

Review by Lisa Payne

Psychiatrist: “Your parents tell me you were born with a condition.”

Max: “I accidentally kill people.”

Sometimes doctors just need to believe you when you tell them something. Every situation is a not a “I’m from Missouri. You’ve got to show me.”

Max’s parents, Paul (Peter Scolari who was in Bosom Buddies TV Show with Tom Hanks in early 1980s) and Jan (Annie Mumolo) move to a small town to shield Max.

Max (Brandon Flynn) is a teenager walking around looking like he is from The Invisible Man. He wears bandages on his face, a hat and sunglasses. He’s thought of as weird, can’t get dates and is bullied. Typical teen stuff.

Max has an Asian best friend Dan (Ki Hong Lee). That trope is as tired as the Black best friend one. Dan tries to get Alex to be a normal teenager by getting him dates. That ends just short of disastrous.

Max meets Alex (Julia Goldani Telles) twice, the second time being on a bridge when Max is contemplating ending it all. They hit it off. Alex has her own issues. This is where Looks That Kill that’s a tone change. It becomes like a YA terminal illness story.

There are a couple of side stories, Max visiting a nursing home and a foreign exchange student coming to stay with Max’s family. Not sure those were necessary.

In the end, Looks That Kill was an interesting premise that didn’t really go anywhere.

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