Movie Review: ‘I Trapped The Devil’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Sarah (Jocelin Donahue) and Matt (A.J. Bowen) go to visit Steve (Scott Poythress), but he’s acting a bit strange. He has a man locked in his basement. He tells Sarah and Matt to leave before they discover the man in the basement. Steve tells them that he trapped the devil and they can no longer leave. Paranoia builds and people die as they can’t figure out if they are going mad or if the devil really is trapped in the basement. They believe they hear his demonic voice and when police arrive, it only gets worse.

This film is a thriller. It isn’t scary, but it does have a few loud scenes. You wonder why they don’t leave the house when they seemingly had a lot of chances to. Steve tells them they can’t leave at one point, but there are still plenty of chances where they could’ve left, so you start to wonder if the man in the basement really is getting inside their heads. They tried to reason with Steve to just let the man go and that is when Steve tells them that even if he is going crazy, he doesn’t want the possibility of a what if he is the devil scenario to arise. The plot is consistent with all of their descent into madness, but it’s just okay plot-wise. It feels like they could’ve explained something more with what happened. It’s not terrible. It’s just like okay, there’s the devil. How did a man trap him? Why can’t he get out? Why didn’t you just knock him out or something? There’s a lot of questions left.

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