Movie Review: ‘Homewrecker’

Review by Monique Thompson

Michelle is an interior designer and newlywed to Robert. Linda lives alone and fills her days with painting and exercise classes. Seeking a new friend, Linda coerces the reserved, deferential Michelle into visiting her home for a spontaneous interior design consultation. Once inside, it quickly becomes clear that Linda has something far more sinister on her mind than throw pillows.

Uncork’d Entertainment’s Homewrecker will definitely make you become leery of that next person you befriend during yoga class. In Homewrecker, Michelle is a bit apprehensive at Linda’s invitation to view her home for possible interior decoration but eventually obliges. Little does she know, Linda has ulterior motive all along. Her delusions and obsessiveness kicks in almost immediately as Michelle becomes more and more uncomfortable.

Homewrecker is almost like one of those predictable Lifetime movies, but with a bit more dark humor and less cheesiness. Linda is super sweet on the outside and makes these lude jokes, but that’s what wins Michelle’s trust. Michelle is your typical naive character that even begins to sympathize with Linda, despite her showing she’s undoubtedly crazy.

Now I will say, the background music in Homewrecker almost made me lose complete interest in the film. This could be a really suspenseful thriller, but the film score makes it a bit less unbelievable. The acting is also not the greatest, however Chong as Linda is perfect! She exhibits the right amount of emotion that leaves her character to be believable.

I would surely say stick through this one through the end. It’s a nice little twist and really isn’t all that bad.

STARRING: Precious Chong and Alex Essoe

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