Movie Review: ‘Gold Dust’

Review by Lisa Payne

Two friends, Moses (David Wysocki) and Fink (David Wall, great value Robert Redford) are looking for treasure and find a lot of money. “Whoever lost this money is gonna come looking for it.” Well of course they are. This is how most ‘why didn’t you just keep it moving when you saw something that wasn’t yours’ movies begin.

Gold Dust is a weird and interesting western, complete with a dancing assassin, opera-singing good guys, friendship, betrayal, a cute little girl, lost love and a bad guy called El Guapo.

It’s one of those films I don’t quite know what to make of it. So many ingredients thrown into the blender, then the lid came off and spattered the white walls. No less enjoyable, just a hmmm, what did I just watch.

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