Movie Review: ‘Foster Boy’

Review by Lisa Payne

Jamal (Shane Paul McGhie) is bringing a lawsuit against the private foster care agency who placed him with foster families from the time he was 8 years old. Unable to afford a lawyer, Jamal is assigned Michael Trainer (Matthew Modine) by Judge George Taylor (Louis Gossett Jr), assisted by Keisha James (Lex Scott Davis).

The company uses every trick under the sun to intimidate Jamal and anyone associated with the case. Pamela Dupree (Julie Benz) as the former case officer, who is now a director of the company, is indifferent to Jamal’s suffering whilst sitting in the defendant’s chair in the courthouse every single day.

The claim centres around willful negligence of Jamal’s well-being for years. What follows is a horrific tale of abuse and neglect by everyone except Jamal’s last foster parents, Shaina Randolph (Michael Hyatt) and Bill Randolph (Michael Beach).

Foster Boy is formulaic, however Shane Paul McGhie’s performance is riveting. I was rooting for him and a couple of tears escaped.

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