Movie Review: ‘Ferdinand’ Blu-ray

Review by Monique Thompson

The latest animated film by Blue Sky Studios, Ferdinand, packs a powerful punch with its hilarious cast of voiceovers. Ferdinand (John Cena) is a bull but certainly not a vicious fighter as one may assume. I mean, he’s a bull that’s supposed to fight right? Ferdinand is a gentle giant that’s been raised on a farm so he knows nothing about bull fighting, other than the fact that it’s just not in him.

After being returned back to Spain, Ferdinand gets set up to fight El Primero, an undefeated and treacherous matador. With the help of a few friends, Ferdinand must find a way to escape before he gets thrown into this death match.

Ferdinand the film packs the message just about most of the latest animated films do: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or as affectionately plugged as a tagline, don’t judge a BULL by its cover. (ok maybe that’s a little bit much but I’m sure you catch my drift). John Cena as Ferdinand allows him to realistically relate to that message; we all know Cena is maybe one of the most popular WWE wrestlers of this time. While he’s known to lay down a few SMACKDOWNs in the ring, outside of the ring he’s the total opposite, a well-liked gentle giant just like Ferdinand.

Ferdinand is a very adorable film but maybe even more funny. Starring the likes of Anthony Anderson and Gabriel Iglesias, is enough to get the adults to have a good time with this one. Ferdinand is very family friendly and will likely keep the attention of those preteens also. Blue Sky Studios never disappoints and Ferdinand is another solid animated film for their vault.

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