Movie Review: ‘Eyes And Prize’

Review By: Wesley Collins

Simple is often times just enough. Simplicity allows for directness and a focus on the smallest details in an attempt to expose what stories are truly made of. Stories are based on character development, dialogue and setting. If a writer and director are able to execute those things flawlessly, a story does not need all the extra gilts and glamour. Eyes and Prize is that film. There’s nothing fancy or overdone, it’s just a story that unfolds amongst 4 characters. There’s no backstory or prior relationship. The characters in this film could be anyone and for myself, that made it more intriguing.

Eyes and Prize tells the stories of 4 strangers all brought together seemingly for the opportunity of being on television. The 4 quickly realize something is awry as no one is there to greet them and they have no idea what their purpose being there is. All they know is they’re locked in an apartment with one another and they’re forced to figure out who had brought them together and why.

As we continue to progress with technology as a society, we open ourselves up to cyber attacks on scales we cannot fathom. Eyes and Prize gives a small glimpse into how easy it can be to wage war via technology.

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