Movie Review: ‘Extra Ordinary’

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Lisa Payne

In this wonderful Irish film, Rose (Maeve Higgins) is a lonely, guilt-ridden driving instructor, who used to help her father as a psychic supporting him in his exorcism TV show. That is until she accidentally killed him. Oops.

Rose still gets calls from people wanting her to get rid of their ghosts. Although after the above, she is understandably reticent about helping them.

Martin Martin’s (Barry Ward) dead wife is very forceful (helpful) in her haunting of her family. Their daughter, Sarah (Emma Coleman), is sick to the back teeth with it, and gives Martin Rose’s card to enlist her help.


In a story old as time, a one-hit wonder pop star, Christian Winter (Will Forte) makes a deal with the devil where he has to sacrifice a virgin, ‘cause that’s the way it’s always been. The first chosen virgin is accidentally killed by the eager Claudia (Claudia O’Doherty) because she didn’t understand the rules. So now he has to find another.

Winter has, what I will call, a penis staff to point him in the direction of virgins. In a hilarious scene of him utilising it to find the next one, Claudia, ever impatient, suggests another way.

The storylines converge, as they must. Sarah is the chosen virgin. Rose and Martin must team up to perform exorcisms, collect ectoplasm to save Sarah before the full Blood Moon.

During the climax, it turns out Sarah isn’t a virgin. Who knew?!? A blood sacrifice still must be made, and Rose comes up with a novel way to stop the ritual.

The script is pacey, and the acting is excellent. I would not have been able to film this with a straight face.

I laughed consistently from start to finish, and would recommend this quirky, gem of a film. IN THEATERS MARCH 6, 2020