Movie Review: ‘Escape The Field’

Review by James Lindorf

Emerson Moore is making his feature film directorial debut with “Escape the Field,” the latest horror film from Lionsgate. While the name may lead some casual fans to believe “Escape the Field” is part of the “Escape Room” franchise, that is not true. While not technically related, this film is a spiritual cousin looking to start its own series by copying the popular kids’ homework. “Escape the Field” is currently playing in select theaters and is also available On Demand.

The last thing Sam (Jordan Claire Robbins) remembers is going to take a nap in the hospital on-call room during her 36-hour shift. When she wakes up, the hospital and her possessions are gone. She is alone in the middle of a cornfield with nothing but a gun she has never seen before. His confusion gives way to terror when a strange man bursts from the corn, and she has to decide to trust this stranger or use her new weapon. The unarmed man is Tyler (Theo Rossi). He claims that he just woke up in the field with nothing but his clothes and a strange set of matches. Deciding to forge an uneasy alliance, they set off through the corn, and it isn’t long before they are confronted by another group led by Ryan (Shane West). As mysterious sirens blare in the distance, the crew of six will have to dodge traps, avoid a mysterious and deadly creature, and solve a diabolical puzzle.

“Escape the Field” could be the poster child for turn off your brain cinema. The characters are all well-known archetypes, but Rossi and the rest of the cast bring enough charisma to make them likable. The story is familiar but with enough flair to keep your attention. They do just enough with gore and jump scares to satisfy old horror fans but not so much that genre newcomers will find it off-putting or disturbing to a good night’s sleep. For better or worse, viewers will be unable to solve or even guess what the next clue will be because there is no build-up or foreshadowing. The team discovers something or solves a problem they didn’t know existed because the script said they did not because the story led them there. Despite some flaws, “Escape the Field” is a solid low-budget entry into the puzzle-solving subgenre of horror, with the perfect runtime and earns a 3 out of 5.

Rating: R
Genre: Horror, Mystery & Thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Emerson Moore
Producer: Andrew Davies Gans, Michael Philip, Jason Moring, Emerson Moore
Writer: Emerson Moore, Joshua Dobkin, Sean Wathen
Release Date: May 6th, 2022
Runtime: 1h 28m

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