Movie Review: ‘Division 19’

Review by Wesley Collins

Every writer and filmmaker wants to take the viewers breath away with what they’re able to create on screen. It isn’t always easy of course, as one must be able to blend a myriad of ideas at once to please what usually are diverse crowds and viewership. Division 19 does all of that and more! I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the entire film. It was written extremely well, had dynamic and appropriate dialogue, and perfectly captured the pulse of current society with a futuristic twist.

Division 19 is a film about the downtrodden, the effects big business has on the middle to lower class and what it looks like when we resist. It was beautifully written and masterfully executed from dialogue to character development. To be frank I have entirely too many great things to say about Division 19 and much of it deals with the plot, which I of course can’t discuss until the films out officially. I’m very much looking forward to others seeing it as I’m anticipating reactions similar to mine. I was blown away! I don’t often see a film that I know in my heart truly achieved its intended purpose and Division 19 did so without issue. It’s a film for all ages as the films message spans across generations and walks of life. I recommended any and everyone see Division 19!!

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