Movie Review: ‘Deep Murder’

Review by James Lindorf

Deep Murder is a horror comedy by Director Nick Corirossi, who is known for his work on Funny or Die, most notably the “Don Cheadle Is Captain Planet” episode. Written by Quinn Beswick, Josh Margolin, Benjamin Smolen, and Nikolai von Keller, Deep Murder follows the cast of a softcore porn film as they try to survive being trapped in a mansion with a deranged killer. Starring a mix of well-established Hollywood names and relative newcomers, including Jerry O’Connell (Kangaroo Jack), Christopher McDonald (Thelma and Louise), Katie Aselton (The Gift), Stephanie Drake (Mad Men), Chris Redd (Saturday Night Live), and Jessica Parker Kennedy (The Flash), Deep Murder will be available in select theaters and on demand starting June 14th.

Deep Murder is not a good movie. Usually, that would be viewed as a failure of its creators. However, in this case, bad is what they were going for. The goal here was to create something so inept in appearance that it would achieve cult hit status like The Room, Showgirls or Jaws: The Revenge. Corirossi ticks most of the bad movie boxes: inconsistent cinematography, poor acting, inferior writing, and leaps in logic. Check. Check. Check. Check. This gets the film off to a “strong” start. Adding to the potential for cult-hood is a talented cast who are committed to the lousy writing and over-the-top deliveries for the entire 95-minute runtime.

It may have been a concession made by the creators to get a quality cast, but a film that should bathe in raunchiness and gore finds itself as barely getting past the titillation phase. Even though it is a horror film set on a “Skinemax” set, there is more blood in every episode of “NCIS” and more nudity in an episode of “NYPD Blue.” The only thing left to hang its hat on is humor. Luckily, with comedic writers and actors who were allowed to improvise, it is the most successful element of the film.
This is not something to put on when you are spending a night in by yourself. The best way to enjoy it is with a group of friends and a maybe few adult beverages because it requires MST3000 level commentary. Deep Murder is a contender for being named a good, bad movie. We just have to wait for lovers of bad cinema to weigh in, and either toss it back to whence it came, or consecrate it in the hallowed ground of midnight showings for decades to come.

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