Movie Review: ‘Crypto’

Review By: Wesley Collins

A critical factor to the greatness of a film for myself is appropriateness and its accuracy with respect to the current socioeconomic and geopolitical spectrum in our world. Crypto is an undeniable hit and it’s incredibly fitting for today’s audience. I loved it! I watched it back twice after my original viewing. Crypto is centered around a brilliant young banker, whose misfortune has forced him back into a town he’s tried to forget all while uncovering an impossible conspiracy.

The world today more than ever is shrouded with the thought of, “the next leader in currency”. We all know that day is coming when the U.S. dollar no longer dominates as the world’s leader in exchange of currency. Many believe that Crypto Currency will be that new leader. Lead actor Beau Knapp plays an awkward and inquisitive banker who’s thrown into a world of death, deception, crypto currency and bad business as his career takes a turn for the worse.

I truly don’t believe anyone will see Crypto and not love. It literally has any and everything you want in a film as it connects with all the emotions. The characters are also extremely relatable, that in conjunction with the appropriateness of the film makes Crypto a phenomenal movie in my eyes. It’s a movie for all ages. It’s watchable. It’s lovable. Simply put, it’s amazing!

Opening April 12th in select theaters and everywhere On Demand!

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