Movie Review: ‘Cry Havoc’

Review by Lisa Payne

A very ambitious reporter (Emily Sweet) is granted an interview with The Voyeur (Richard Thompson) who also happens to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Of course she should really know better, but this is a crime horror movie. The Voyeur lures actresses to his compound on the pretension of fame. Instead they are brutally killed by Havoc (this is the fourth movie in the Havoc series), who has more than a passing resemblance to another horror character.

Robert Bronzi (great value Charles Bronson) is a detective looking for his missing daughter amongst the carnage of people, mainly women being ripped apart by Havoc, who appears to be the perfect killing machine. This grindhouse movie has interesting chopping people up scenes, and various shades of blood and spatter.

The reporter and the detective team up for a while…

The movie is all action, as Havoc makes his way through the cast at a steady rate. Available May 5th On Demand.

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