Movie Review: ‘Bring Him Back Dead’

Review by: Wesley Collins

The key component to any story is what a character wants and then what they are willing to do to achieve their goal. Bring Him Back Dead provides that quintessential element and does a wonderful job of staying on task. The movie begins with a group of masked individuals coordinating a bank robbery. All seems to be going well until a shot is fired and chaos ensues. The bank robbers appear to have a very specific purpose for robbing this particular bank and for some of them, violence is the last thing they wanted. As the film persists the group faces’ deception, murder, betrayal and failure. Each member of the group is put into a quandary as a poor choice places their sale of the stolen goods into peril.

What does every person truly want? I believe that is to be the masters of their fate. Most of us have no issue failing if we’re the cause. However, when we fail because of someone else’s ineptitude, there’s a feeling of resentment and emptiness. Each of the characters in Bring Him Back Dead goes through this throughout the film. As a result, it leads to quick action and a plethora of gunfights that are mightily entertaining.

The lion’s share of the film takes place in a cabin surrounded by beautiful woods. The scenery coupled with the character’s actions makes the movie very intense and nerve-racking. The sale of the stolen items is most pertinent. The question is, who will make the sale? They make deals without everyone’s knowledge and soon enough it becomes a free-for-all as the former co-workers become mortal enemies.

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