Movie Review: ‘Body Cam’

Review by Monique Thompson

Some LAPD officers try to cover up the murder of a black youth by getting rid of their body cam video footage, only to find themselves haunted by an evil spirit.

Distributed by Paramount and BET Films, Body Cam, is a horror film starring Mary J. Blidge as Renee, an LAPD police officer on the hunt to find out why fellow officers on the force are mysteriously coming up dead. After a routine traffic stop turns deadly, resulting in the loss of her partner, it doesn’t take Renee long to realize that something a little more sinister is lurking in the city. After figuring out that some officers covered up the murder of a black teenager, Renee races to figure out if any of the killings are connected to the teens murder.

I’m sure I may not be the only one that is extremly skeptical about this movie but needless to say though, I was quite impressed. Body Cam is actually a pretty decent film. Surprisingly, Blidge’s acting is pretty solid, portraying Renee as a cop who’s dealing with her own internal battles, but still wanting to prove herself to the captain on the force.

The effects are also not bad at all. I’m always skeptical of thrillers/horror films but was really surprised here. While I wouldn’t say this is a very “scary” film it does present an eery feeling around the vindication of an unknown evil spirit.

While we’re all probably creating binge lists during this global pandemic, Body Cam is worth the watch.

STARRING: Mary J. Blidge, Theo Rossi, Nat Wolff, Anika Noni Rose, Demetrius Grosse

Digital Release: May 19, 2020 / VOD Release June 2, 2020

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