Movie Review: ‘Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare’

Olivia, Lucas and a group of their college friends travel to Mexico for one last getaway before graduation. While there, a stranger convinces one of the students to play a seemingly harmless game of truth or dare with the others.

Blumhouse Truth or Dare, produced by Jason Blum, is a supernatural horror film that’ll be right up the alley of American teenagers. No surprise that Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) & Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) are both cast with well rounded rolls in this teen horror film; they’ve both played in very successful teen tv drama series.

In Blumhouse Truth or Dare, this version of the classic party game is one that turns deadly, pretty quickly. The rules are simple but wicked – tell the truth or die, do the dare or die, and if you stop playing, you die. When Olivia (Hale) starts to realize that things are getting very weird following them playing the game in Mexico, she must convince her friends that something isn’t right. Upon playing the game, they have summoned a demonic force that has one goal in mind for them all: confront their darkest fears and secrets.

The film starts out pretty much like most horror films do when teens are involved: very basic dialogue paired with booze and partying. Once the game of truth or date begins, things start to pick up. One by one, Olivia’s friends all begin to experience the evilness behind the game, as they each envision people with “messed-up Snapchat filter” smiles that request them to pick either truth or dare.

Call me biased (Blumhouse is everything!) but Truth or Dare is enjoyable. In no way is this a frightening horror flick but it’s still a couple moments that might warrant a little jump scare. Hale and Posey are both excellent in their roles and will definitely attract the teens for this one. If you enjoyed the 2016 film Nerve, which was also based on a game of truth of dare, chances are you will also enjoy this one.

STARRING: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Landon Liboiron, Hayden Szeto

In theaters Friday, April 13th

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