Movie Review: ‘Behind You’

Review by Lisa Payne

Mom dies, two sisters, Olivia (Addy Miller) and Claire (Elizabeth Birkner) are dispatched to their weird aunt’s house accompanied by a caring neighbour/friend, Camilla (Aimee-Lynn Chadwick). The girls are met by Charles (Philip Brodie), who is a friend of their aunt, Beth (Jan Broberg) when she doesn’t open the door.

Here’s a free tip, if you are that designated concerned individual, drop the girls off, say adios, then get on with your life. Do not leave them with a means to contact you.

Aunt Beth (Jan Broberg) has lots of rules (to be broken) for her nieces to follow. All the mirrors in the house are covered. Cue raised eyebrow emoji.

There’s a mean demon involved, as there always is.

Holding broken shards of mirror should hurt more than they appear to.

The atmosphere is sufficiently creepy by playing with noise, shadows and light. The acting, especially by the two sisters is very good and held my attention throughout.

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