Movie Review: ‘Abominable’

Review by Lisa Payne

A team of scientists rock up to an abandoned science station in the ice and find it deserted. You have the smart one, the bossy one, the skeptic, the dumb one, the tracker and the one left behind. They listen to the log which would have been my cue for “deuces”.

No comms signal coming in or out. The original scientists were there on a need to know basis. How much more do they need to tip the fuck out of there?

Why don’t scientists watch horror movies that take place in frozen tundra? Why must they always touch or take with them what is going to come back and bite them in the face or ass? They talk pseudo science and military which is always hilarious.

They never seem to hear the ominous music.

“The snow here is so strange.” “Snow is snow.” This simply isn’t true. The Swedish have 25 words for snow.

Will this be the crew who make it out alive and kill/capture the Yeti?

Well, we know they won’t all make it because where’s the fun in that?

Abominable on DVD and Digital April 14.

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