Movie Review: ‘A Violent Man’

Review by Wesley Collins

The barriers and restrictions we’re forced to live with often times dilute our understanding of ourselves. We never truly know what we’re capable of or what we’re willing to do in the direst situations. This is what Ty Matthews is faced with. Matthews is an up and coming MMA fighter who is soft spoken but packs quite a punch. Matthews is training at his managers gym when a champion and one of the biggest MMA fighters in the world walks in looking for a sparing partner. Matthews is chosen just to work out with the champion but his fortunes quickly change after he defeats him. Ty goes from a little known fighter to the worlds darling as a video of the fight, which was never supposed to be seen by the public goes viral. Ty then finds himself in a whirlwind. He must protect his relationship, train for the fight of his life, fend of vultures all while battling the allegations of murder.

Ty Matthews is like most individuals in their early 30’s who haven’t made it in their field yet. He’s looking for a breakthrough and an opportunity to prove himself to the world. He takes full advantage of his seemingly fairytale opportunity and becomes a new and different person as a result. We never know how much our unwillingness to support those closets to us affects them. Sometimes all we want is the most important person in the world to us to believe in what we believe in. Unfortunately for Ty, his girlfriends is unable to give him the support he feels he needs and he thereafter makes a life changing decision that he struggles with throughout the film.

I absolutely loved watching A VIOLENT MAN. Its invigorating, thought provoking and challenges the watcher emotionally as well as psychologically. There are multiple twists throughout the movie and that only adds to the intrigue. The acting, the dialogue, the angles in which certain scenes were shot, all worked in unison to create what I thought was a great film. As a writer myself, its difficult at times to simply watch a film without being hypercritical as I often times see ways to improve multiple parts of the movie. I had not one thought during this movie making me think, “this should’ve been done this way or I would’ve written it like this”. I just watched on the edge of my seat waiting for the net big domino to fall. I know when others see A VIOLENT MAN; they’ll love it as much as I did. It’s a wonderful movie about perseverance, deception, victory and defeat. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this film again and again!

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