Movie Review: ‘A Good Woman Is Hard To Find’

Review by Lisa Payne

Sarah (Sarah Bolger who was excellent in both Mayans M.C. and the Spiderwick Chronicles) is a recently widowed mother of two in Northern Ireland. Her son Ben, who witnessed his father’s murder refuses to speak.

Sarah is getting no support from the police. They believe her husband was a drug dealer killed by other drug dealers. Sarah is getting judgement from all and sundry from her mother to the a-hole in the supermarket.

One day, Tito, who is being chased by the guys whose drugs he just stole, hides out at Sarah’s house. He leaves the drugs there, returns periodically and pays Sarah a commission for holding onto his stash.

Sarah’s son gets his hands on the drugs and she has to get them out of his system. On cue, Tito shows up and is furious about what happened to his property.

Sarah sensing that she and the kids are in danger, offers to do anything, and of course he goes the way of most deprived individuals.

Tito underestimates how angry Sarah is, as does everyone she comes into contact with. To quote Pretty Woman “big mistake, huge”.

The villain who Tito stole the drugs from happens to hear Sarah’s daughter say the name Tito whilst they are at the doctor’s office, and follows them home because Tito is such an unusual name. He threatens Sarah and her children. We’ve now levelled up to mama bear protection mode.

There is a preachy, misogynistic tone to A Good Woman is Hard To Find before Sarah comes into her full power. I can’t emphasize enough how mad Sarah is.

On a final note, when Sarah thanks Jesus for being able to find batteries that work for her vibrator, after the machinations she had to go to get the batteries, I laughed out loud.

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