Movie Review: ‘A Dog’s Journey’ Blu-ray

Review by Monique Thompson

Some friendships transcend lifetimes. In A Dog’s Journey, the sequel to the heartwarming global hit A Dog’s Purpose, beloved dog Bailey finds his new destiny and forms an unbreakable bond that will lead him, and the people he loves, to places they never imagined.

In the sequel to 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose, A Dog’s Journey is a sentimental but still comedic drama that will truly warm the hearts of dog lovers. Like they say, all dogs go to heaven and in A Dog’s Journey, a loveable canine, Bailey, returns reincarnated, multiple times I might add, with a sole mission of protecting human kind.

Bailey eventually finds the meaning of his own true existence through the lives of the humans he meet. Bailey bonds with Ethan and Hannah’s toddler granddaughter, CJ while their daughter-in-law grieves the death of CJ’s father. She leaves the family farm with her daughter, denying the grandparents any chance of seeing her again.

Losing a beloved pet is a part of pet ownership, and as Ethan says goodbye to his friend Bailey for the final time, he implores the dog to find and protect CJ in his next lives, because she’ll need it. CJ grows up a sad, lonely girl, but Bailey finds her again and again and again.

Dog lovers will surely fall head over heels for this one, as did with the first and second film. A Dog’s Journey is heartwarming and shows that dogs can offer people unconditional love whenever they need it most.

STARRING: Dennis Quaid, Henry Lau, Kathryn Prescott, Josh Gad

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